Prolocate – Our Combined Relocation and Exit Management Service

We pride ourselves on advising Occupiers considering a move on all aspects of the relocation process, from an initial concept / idea right through to the execution of move management plans.

We believe our clients time is best spent doing their day job and running their own businesses, and that what they need with such a potentially big project is a fully outsourced team they can trust to act in their best interests and to fully manage the process, not just a small element of it.

We will always mobilise and manage a hand-picked team to tackle the specifics of each project whether it be interior design, space planning, furniture procurement, lease advisory or simply full project management.

Our Prolocate service is designed to pull all these workstreams together into a seamless service, and to provide not only market facing advice, but to actually make it happen and deliver the envisaged outcome on time and on budget. Click here to look at one of our relocation projects.

A sample of some of our more recent and relevant cases are detailed below as are some of our client views.

Prolocate can be offered as a packaged service or in its component parts.

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